Putu Eka

Putu Eka

Putu Eka Winangun – Environmental Leader in Desa Pererenan and Village Director of Merah Putih Hijau (MPH)

Putu Eka started his village environmental group in Desa Pererenan that now boasts 50 volunteers. With support from the local government, he devised three rules to tackle the declining numbers of fish, shrimp and birds in his local area; stop pesticide fishing, stop fishing via electrocution and stop hunting the birds. If anyone is seen to be breaking these rules, the group can impose fines and community service work to the offenders to help undo some of the negative impact they have made on the environment.

Since implementing the campaign five years ago, the people of Perenenan have witnessed these crimes decreasing by 80% and have seen numbers of fish, shrimp and birds increase. The group hold events locally to help raise awareness and develop a love of activities within the natural environment. They invite members of other villages to their events and share their story and campaigns so that they too can learn to protect their natural environment.

Putu Eka has also helped initiate Merah Putih Hijau (MPH), a local group focusing on improving Bali’s plastic and waste issues through waste management systems and education programmes.

Putu Eka’s involvement in both Desa Pererenan and MPH have made a huge difference to the quality of the local natural environment and he works determinedly to ensure that the message is replicated in other areas of across Bali.

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