The Indonesian word 'pengepul' literally translates as 'collector'.  Mukadi has worked as a Pengepul, collecting and sorting trash in Bali for 11 years. He works every day in the area of Gianyar for up to eight hours to make money to support his wife and four children.

Mukadi ensures the waste is recycled correctly and not just dumped, buried or worse still tossed into the rivers. Carelessly discarded waste quickly infiltrates the ecosystem and threatens biodiversity. Trash permeates rivers, rice fields, villages, beaches and the ocean, as well as endangering the health of local villagers. After piling as much as he can on his motorbike, he delivers his load to the sorting and recycling centre.

Mukadi explains that ‘I am happy to collect the waste from the community and I can make a cleaner, safer environment for everyone.’

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