BMO is the founder of Malu Dong Community (MDC); an activist, non-profit organization that aims to tackle Bali’s waste issues head on. Run solely on volunteers (183 to date) and the small amount of money that BMO makes from his uniform business, Malu Dong work tirelessly to create long lasting change through their relentless campaigning and successful education programme.

‘I was inspired by my time spent abroad in countries like Australia and America. I witnessed a very different approach to waste management with systems that actually worked. I knew I needed to either stay there or come back and make a difference to Bali. I am proud of Bali and didn’t want to abandon my home island with this knowledge.’

So ten years ago, BMO began to work on cleaning up one small area of Denpasar. BMO found that providing more bins and opportunities for waste recycling was not enough. People were still dumping their trash on the ground or even burying it. He realised that he first needed to work on changing people’s attitude to throwing trash on the ground.

BMO started bringing his Malu Dong programme into local schools, believing that educating the children would encourage a shift in attitudes towards waste and consumption providing the change much needed in Bali.

BMO and his team work determinedly and with minimal resources to spread the message of “malu dong buang sampah sembarangan” (you should be ashamed of littering), through its schools programmes, public campaigns and weekly beach clean ups. They also and organise regular Trashveling programs, during which volunteers travel to popular destinations and mobilize the locals to conduct clean-up activities. It also recently held it’s own very successful Malu Dong Festival with the theme: “Together We Can: Clean Ocean and Mountain, Clean Bali.”

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