Abid & Wisaka

Abid & Wisaka

Abid Kamalsyah and Wisakananda Pradipta were brought together over their shared mission to create a solution for the huge amount of waste created by traditional ceremonies held all over Bali.

There are more than 2,000 ceremonies held each year by Balinese people and every ceremony can easily produce 100 Kilograms of inorganic and organic waste. As a result, 2000 tons of waste ends up in landfill, rivers, oceans or being burnt causing a massive, negative impact to the environment. Niskala aims to recorrect this problem by providing a waste management system service for traditional ceremonies including separation bins and a collection service; thus allowing plastic, paper and glass to be properly recycled and green waste to be turned into compost.

Niskala is defined as “the unseen”, just like the unseen problem of post traditional ceremony waste in Bali. Niskala creates opportunity for Balinese people to ‘reconnect with nature through zero waste ceremonies’.

Click here to read the Indonesian translation.

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