How it began - Sarah Brownlow

How it all began...

In August 2016, I moved to Bali for a year with my family. Living on one of the world’s best surf beaches, I witnessed daily the disastrous consequences of our love of single use plastic. I teamed up with Avani Eco, a local packaging company providing a full range of sustainable alternatives to plastic made from 100% renewable resources. Together we set about to create a movement to raise awareness of issues of sustainability and to promote positive solutions in the fight against plastic pollution.

We set about to create an army of people to lead and inspire others into action and to celebrate the people already out there working hard to make positive changes to the island.

To launch the campaign, I photographed and wrote stories about a small group of individuals native to Bali that were already working on projects to make the island cleaner, greener and more plastic free. Historically they had received little or no recognition for the important work they were doing. These are our Unsung Heroes.

We invited these people to pledge their commitment to the movement and to raise their right hand for a photograph as a sign of that pledge.

Raising awareness, starting conversations, promoting solutions, celebrating good practice.

Kevin Kumala - founder of Avani Eco

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